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Welcome to a place of planetary healing. For many years I've had an inner vision which has ripened in my soul and is now ready to be shared. They have taken the form of two separate projects that I would like to introduce you to. Please familiarize yourself with these sacred projects and when moved in your heart to share this visionary experience, choose how you want to participate.


Stand in the presence of the Greatest Spiritual Leaders (illustrated Master Souls)


Scenes from the past have been perceived through my inner vision and recreated for you to experience. By viewing this art, you can resonate with the virtues exemplified by these master souls. Many who view this have an instantaneous realization of the unity of all spiritual and religious thought.


Heal the Inner Child through The Inner Child Series (illustrated Healing Flowers and Herbs)


These are paintings of children encapsulated in healing flowers, herbs and remedies. The children dramatize what the flower heals or symbolizes. To enhance this affect, note cards of these images will include a fragrance or remedy sample. Each one exhibits part of our soul development through depiction of the inner child. You can sponsor this project.


It is my sincere hope that by all of us participating and sharing in these

sacred projects we are helping to create harmony on our planet and end

religious intolerance.


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Jesus the Christ

Just before Easter 1986, Jesus appeared to the Artist Nanette Crist. He said He would like to have His portrait painted so that everyone who loved and needed Him would feel and know His presence. Normally the artist would require three weeks to complete an oil portrait, but it was done in an amazing three days on Easter! A cross of light blazed across the sky on that day. Finally Jesus spoke about His life and ongoing mission. Many healing miracles accompanied the prints of the painting. The Catholic visionaries at Betania, Colorado and Medjugorje, Vatican eyewitness accounts written during His lifetime, Dr. Georg Ritchie and countless others have testified that this is a true likeness of Jesus Christ.


In the tradition of the Sacred Arts this painting was created from a deep inner vision and incorporates color therapy, sacred geometry and universal rhythm. This picture may be used as a prayer and  meditation aid to develop virtues and enhance healing.


Virtues: all virtues, total healing, redemption, unconditional love, self sacrifice, spiritual mastery ("Greater things than I have done shall you do.")

Jesus the Christ is now available as a fine reproduction in 2 new sizes, as well as the existing sizes currently listed on the site:


  12" tall by 8" wide

  24" tall by 16" wide.


The print can be stretch mounted on canvas or adhered to foam core.


Contact Ethan Marten directly at:


Phone - 757-287-2518

Nanette was a mere seven years old when she announced her intention to become an artist. Her mother was a successful American artist and devoutly religious person whose ancestors were icon painters. By age twelve, Nanette had already sold thirty portraits. When she was twenty-one Nanette had a miraculous experience of seeing and communing with God for three days. This focused all activities of her life on the spiritual. For several years she worked part time as a freelance artist while holding a variety of other positions including, a holistic health consultant, a Film Commissioner, the Legislative Aide for the State Senate, the State Artist, a modeling and finishing school instructor, a TV show hostess, a Minister and Miss Delaware USA.


Nanette's painting has been described as spiritual realism. This enables the viewer to experience a direct communion with God and the Saints though a visual connection into the spiritual realm. Her paintings of Jesus and the Blessed Mother have been confirmed as accurate likenesses by Marian visionaries at Medjugorje, Colorado and Betania.


Nanette's paintings reside in the collections of many world leaders, religious leaders, various movie stars, US government officials, corporate and civil rights leaders. Her published works are available on cards, prints, books, and recordings throughout the world.


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